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Category Archives: Attaining Health

Are You Sleeping OK?

If you answer this simple question with a … No. Sometimes. Depends on my stress load. Or anything else but a resounding “sure do”, then your health is no where near as good as it can be. Sleep is essential for good health. Not just mental health, but your physical well being also. When we Continue Reading

What Is Meridian Imaging?

With technology comes advancement in all areas of health, even in meridian based modalities. In the clinic we now have the advantage of owning a Meridian Imaging device. It is used to test the meridians and their strength of flow. Each meridian conducts a current that with modern technology can now be measured. What this Continue Reading

Health or Habit

Health is the absence of dis-ease, meaning not just being symptom free. We should rely on symptoms for one thing and that is to tell we have left things too long. Symptoms after all are just like a fire alarm, they are triggered after the “fire” has reached a level large enough trigger the warning Continue Reading

When hormonal imbalances occur, most people are trying to determine if they have an overactive or underactive thyroid, which is one of the main reasons why these conditions develop. Yet when you look at the symptoms that can occur in your day to day life, the picture doesn’t quite fit… You may be feeling fatigues, Continue Reading

Strange title I know, but I stand by it totally. To explain… Thinking is an active exercise. You use thoughts to solve problems, work out answers to questions, plan events and to remember things. However, most of the time we have unwanted thoughts or repetitive thoughts that we don’t need. The reason why these extra Continue Reading

I was told recently that I was lucky I had such good health … After thanking him for the comment, I then decided to explain that luck has nothing to do with it, not even having good genes. It also has nothing to do with hard work, effort, courage, diligence or anything similar. It was Continue Reading

A Simple Stretch To Use

I get asked often if there is a simple stretch you can use that helps take tension from the spine. Although there may be some specific muscles you may need to target there is a stretch that limbers the entire spine. Simple to do and only takes a few minutes. All you do is stand Continue Reading

Someone told me last Tuesday it was only 12 weeks til Xmas … I nearly fell off my chair when I realized they were right. So I thought it was now the time of the year to clean house. Not my actual house, but the areas in my body that do most of the work Continue Reading

Most of us are aware nowadays that we are living longer. The problem though is that statistics say we are getting less healthy, so you live longer but suffer for it. There’s a common statement I make to patients at times, which is… “Would You Like To Live To Be Over 100 Years Old?” Most Continue Reading

Living in Christchurch, where in spring time we can expect a few Nor’west winds, allergies and hay fever are common. Yet these terms are often misused and misleading. I get many calls from people asking me if I can treat allergies and hay-fever, but most people are not sure what type of allergy they have. Continue Reading