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How To Live To Be 100 Years Old

Most of us are aware nowadays that we are living longer. The problem though is that statistics say we are getting less healthy, so you live longer but suffer for it. There’s a common statement I make to patients at times, which is…healthy at 100 year sold

“Would You Like To Live To Be Over 100 Years Old?”

Most patients say no, they believe they will be physically and mentally deficient and hence being that age will not be enjoyable. But they are wrong!

Studies have shown that those who live to be 100 or older are actually in remarkably good health, physically and mentally. Research has actually pointed out the common themes these people have, strange thing is the results have nothing to do with what you eat. We constantly search for that miracle diet, or a certain food that will make us healthy and live forever. But in fact it is the small things you do that make the biggest difference.

This is why I try to express to you , that my motto of:

“It’s the small things you do, on a regular basis that make the biggest change in life”

… is actually true!

You don’t need to make huge changes, just small things will do it. Below are just some of the things that research has shown are common amongst those who reach 100 years or older.

health is important to reach 100

How To Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

First of all wealth isn’t one factor, but the above saying is common. Anyway, the research has shown that the following things help you live longer and healthier.

  • Exercise and keep your body moving
  • Find and know your purpose in life
  • Work less and find periods of calm in your life
  • Eat wisely and eat less
  • Include more vegetables, less protein, and less processed food in your diet
  • Drink red wine—in moderation of course
  • Stay social and engaged
  • Participate in spiritual or religious practices
  • Make your family your priority

In fact the Okinawins (people who live in Okinawa and have the best health and longevity statistics) eat only until they are 80% full, they don’t stuff themselves. Apart from the eat more veges and eat less processed food, nothing actually relates to diet.

longevity is easy if you're healthyThere was another study of 308 people who reached over 100 who also found that there were only four characteristics similar amongst all those in the study, and they were:

  • You have a passion in life (something you really enjoy)
  • They got through adversity quickly (they shrugged off the bad news quickly and got on with life)
  • They were all optimistic (a positive attitude always helps)
  • They were goal setters (complete one goal and then set another)

There is one thing I’d like to point out that you can do that will help guarantee you reach these ages if you follow the above and add in one more task…


How To Make Sure You Live Healthily Forever

Hopefully you know that your body is a programmable system, that you can train your body and mind to work better and better. You are governed by three natural laws:

  1. You have an innate ability to heal
  2. You are habitual (good and bad habits form)
  3. All things in nature improve with time

The first 2 most people understand, as you heal cuts, get over colds and the second law you know that if you form good habits it is easy to stick with them the more you do them.

self help technqiues help you live longerInternally your body works the same way. It wants to heal any health issue, but due to internal habits where certain systems don’t function optimally then these poor habits allow your body to struggle and become unwell. Train your body to have good internal habits and your body will heal and the third law kicks in.

The “Law of Increase” which is what it is actually called. Which means if you plant a seed in the ground, a plant will grow that will produce a thousand seeds. If you perform an activity, with time you become better at that activity. Just think of your first day at work and now, how you have improved.

Health works the same way!

But due to the poor internal habits that have formed, unless you learn simple ways to improve your health, to break the bad habits and replace them with good habits, the law of increase will fail to work and living to 100 is unlikely. The people they study who reach 100 may have been lucky or blessed that their health at a younger age was good, and that due to the traits they mention were able to stay that way and live to 100 or more.

For the rest of us who have had various health issues, are not feeling 100% now, you need to first correct the issues present and then adopt these traits above. This is why I teach you self help techniques and encourage you to have a regular ongoing maintenance heath check. That way you can make sure your health is good and then it is the small things you do on a regular basis that will make the biggest changes …

And allow you to live to over 100, being physically and mentally fit and active… food for thought isn’t it.


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