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    Noiseless – Painless – Effective Ways To Get Joints Moving

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    Utilizing the 3 Natural Laws of Health

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    Self Help Pressure Points to Use At Home

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Ask the Doctor

Christchurch Spinal Kinesiologist¬†Graeme Teague is just an email away…


Your health is important, in fact it is the most important thing you have…

You only realize how important it is when you have lost it. But finding help can seem daunting and confusing. Who do you trust, which techniques are best for your specific situation.

I am always here to help. I get sent many questions each day from people like you who suffer with all forms of back pain, neck pain or sciatica, as well as many general health, fatigue and stress related issues.

I endeavour to answer your questions within 24 hours, however at times this may take slightly longer due to the amount of emails I get sent.

This is 100% free, no strings attached and I will give you an honest professional opinion … no hype, sales pitch … just the answer you need.

So feel free to fill in the form below and I will give you my honest, non-biased opinion on your health and if I truly believe we can help.

Talk soon

Dr Graeme Teague