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What Is Meridian Imaging?

With technology comes advancement in all areas of health, even in meridian based modalities.

In the clinic we now have the advantage of owning a Meridian Imaging device.

It is used to test the meridians and their strength of flow. Each meridian conducts a current that with modern technology can now be measured.

What this means is that we can now assess and demonstrate which meridians are balanced and which aren’t.

Even further we can assess your overall energy levels, musculo-skeletal levels and general balance of your physical, emotional and energetic health.

This is a new concept for health in Christchurch, as now we can not only asses but form a track record of your health.

Over time you can see the times in the years where your body struggles and forma plan of action to combat it.

Long term it means you have the ability to forever improve your health, to work on the areas that are weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Living in Christchurch over the past years has been stressful due to the quakes. We can now see the effects from these; the hidden effects that with time made have led to poor health and a shortened longevity.

Now we can help you become healthy and remain so.

Being a Spinal Kinesiologist in Christchurch, doesn’t mean just looking at the structure. I am also able to look at your entire system to make sure not only your aches and pains ease quickly, but your overall health improves.

For long term benefits, this is imperative!

So feel free to contact me to arrange a session to assess and monitor your health and well-being. Life in Christchurch will become stress free and healthy for you once more.

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