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Health or Habit

Health is the absence of dis-ease, meaning not just being symptom free. We should rely on symptoms for one thing and that is to tell we have left things too long.

Symptoms after all are just like a fire alarm, they are triggered after the “fire” has reached a level large enough trigger the warning signal.

However, we are taught by the media, TV and many other sources, that if we “feel okay” we must be healthy. But in fact this may not be true!

For most of us we feel tired, may be feeling a little unsettled, worried or frustrated at aspects of life. There may be a niggle in your back or even a minor upset stomach.

Maybe you on to your third cold for the year or feel your sinuses building up in pressure with the Nor’west winds or are suffering itchy eyes due to the same.

No matter what “niggle” you have, this is not being healthy.

Is it possible to be therefore healthy, is it not the sign of today’s world that we will always have some minor issue to deal with.

The answer is most likely yes. We live in a fast paced hectic world, so the pressures and stresses on us do allow the body to falter and minor illness to occur.

But don’t make it a habit.

A habit is any task you do repeatedly, to the point where you believe that said task becomes your “normality”.

You form many habits in life and health can be one of them.

The problem with the scenario above is that if your body becomes accepting of these minor irritations, with time your health will suffer and your body slow down.

This in turn becomes a habit and with time you slowly increase in the number and variety of minor illnesses. These become moderate and as we age they therefore become major health scares.

So is it possible to turn these poor habits into good?

Simply put … yes!

It is the small things we do on a regular basis that make the biggest change.

These small things start with taking action. Have a “health” check-up. This doesn’t mean having your blood pressure, cholesterol or other “pathological” markers checked.

Sure you should be doing this to form a track record of your so called “normal levels”.

But a health check-up is different.

You need to see a practitioner who can assess how your body is functioning. How well you are balanced structurally, how well organ systems are functioning, your energy levels and essentially your ability to cope with stress.

With technology this is now achievable. There is a way now to assess how well your meridian (organ channels) are functioning, whether or not your energy levels are adequate or run down and hence how stress is affecting your health.

Structurally it is easy to check which muscles are turning off at rest and which aren’t. If your muscles are resetting then structural tension will affect your movement, flexibility and posture.

So it is possible now to be able to make sure poor habits are not affecting your health and to monitor it long term so that you can see that your body remains in a state of balance.

Don’t wait until those alarms are triggered. Never wait until the alarm is severe enough where surgery or medication is the only options.

Take action now and learn how you can check your health and maintain a healthy balanced body.

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