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September’s Tip of The Month

After a lovely winter, an early spring and plenty of sunshine, one of the activities many people love to do is garden. The weeds have grown faster than grease lightning, the ground is still heavy from what rain we’ve had, and we hit the garden with gusto.

Treat gardening as a gym workout

Treat gardening as a gym workout

Then you wake up the next day being stiffer than a board, every muscle aches and you realize that you have overdone yet again gardening.

The solution is actually very simple …

Warm up before you garden, cool down when you finish and you can even train for gardening now.

Go for a walk often (and living in the east there is plenty of beach front, hills and enjoyable walks to take).

Walk before you garden to get the blood supply to your muscles and joints. Do a few simple stretches and even simulate the gardening activity you intend to do. It prepares your body for the activity.

There are not many gyms that would let you lift weights for 4 hours and not warm up beforehand … actually few would let you lift weights for 4 hours either.

Yet most of us will garden for at least 4 hours, take minimal breaks and then wonder why we ache.

So when you plan to hit the garden … warm up … cool down … and take many breaks or garden only in 1 hour blocks and see how few aches and pains you develop.

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