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Christchurch Spinal Kinesiologist Teaches You Self Help


Hi, I’m Dr Graeme Teague, a Christchurch Spinal Kinesiologist with a difference. Why the difference?christchurch chiropractor graeme teague

In my clinic we use a unique combination of techniques that are designed to help you restore health, not just remove aches and pains, but also to help you get the health you want and desire.

My belief goes beyond a symptom approach. Our goal is not just pain relief or removal of any ailment you suffer with, but to teach my patients how you can gain health and vitality yourself.

Through this aim, I use techniques to help restore your health through, painless/non-force Spinal Kinesiology joint work, Reflex work, Acupressure and Homeopathy.

I also teach my patients techniques to use at home, from physical ways to help ease pain faster to self help exercises designed to help build health and vitality.

Your body is governed by three natural laws, one being the law of habit. To make any long-term change you need to break the habits – the physical, mental and energetic habits your body has formed.

The only way to do this is to reinforce the techniques we use by using some simple tools at home that only take a few minutes of time.

Health is an investment; your investment of time and a small amount of effort pays huge dividends.

Short term you will get symptom relief, but long term benefits means a life filled with health, vitality and energy.


My Background:

I have been in private practice since 1991, firstly on the west side of Christchurch, and shifting to the eastern suburbs in 1999. I now live and work in Mt Pleasant Christchurch, but see clients from all over Christchurch, New Zealand and beyond.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Canterbury University, and after studying there went to Melbourne to complete my Chiropractic Degree.

It was my personal experience with poor health that helped me decide to train as a Chiropractor. I had suffered with back pain, bowel, skin and sinus problems since I was a child.

I had always planned on becoming a medical doctor, but for various reasons decided that it wasn’t what I really wanted to do. After seeking help from numerous practitioners around Christchurch, I was lucky enough to have treatment from a local Chiropractor who specialized in Applied Kinesiology.

It was from my treatment and improvement in my health, that I decided then to study Chiropractic. I further studied Applied Kinesiology as my goal was not just to treat from a structural perspective but from a whole-body one.

After being in practice for a few years, my health was doing well, but I relied on treatment to maintain my health. If treatment stopped my health suffered. It was from that experience that lead me to search for ways to help maintain my health … without needing ongoing frequent treatment.

To find ways that I could control MY health and well-being.

I have since learned many techniques, each great by itself, but when combined are even more effective. Hence the practicing title of Spinal Kinesiologist.

I believe that knowing how to look after yourself is essential, as when you are away on holiday or out of town, if something occurs, you then have the ability to help yourself return to health.

I still recommend patients have a maintenance treatment in our clinic every few months. As we all know that life becomes hectic and we do slip with doing the things we know we should.

Also as the saying goes … Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same applies to your health.

Think of health as fitness.

TO become fit YOU have to jog or walk to improve your fitness level. You can’t take a pill, potion or anything to make you fit. Health is just the same.

Treatment will help prepare your body for health; it will remove the health issues that prevent you from being as healthy as you can. Treatment can also start the process of building your health but long term great health requires YOU to help.

Regular maintenance treatments, some simple techniques to do at home and your health will continually build … now and into your future.

My goal is to teach people to age well and to enjoy your latter years being healthy – physically and mentally. Learning how to improve your health is an essential tool to help you live life to the fullest.