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Are You Sleeping OK?

If you answer this simple question with a …



Depends on my stress load.

Or anything else but a resounding “sure do”, then your health is no where near as good as it can be. Sleep is essential for good health. Not just mental health, but your physical well being also.

When we sleep we regenerate, your body heals faster and more effectively when you sleep. So if you are tossing and turning or simply not sleeping deeply, then you wake without all the many benefits sleep offers.

Sleep is a simple process, you lie down for 6-8 hours and rest … this is a physical benefit.

Also as soon as you close your eyes your brain goes into a deeper brain wave state. In fact you go through three changes while you sleep.

First you go into the Alpha Brain Wave sleep pattern. This is where you dream in colour, process many stresses and can enjoy many wonderful images. Following this you enter the Theta Brain Wave state, which is your thought state.

This is why we are told to sleep on it, so you can wake up with a better idea or view on things. This is your Theta working well.

Following Theta you enter Delta, this is the true magic as this is where you recharge your batteries. You only stay in Delta for about 4 minutes and then you climb back up to Theta, then Alpha and then back down again.

An ideal sleep cycle will have 4 cycles of this. So you only have about 20 minutes of Delta sleep. Which is all you need.

The problem lies with most sleep issues is that you stay in the Alpha & Theta states and never enter Delta. Or the cycle is so slow you only go through 2 or 3 cycles and hence only getting 50-75% of the benefits.

The reason for these changes is simply put down to your stress load. The more stress the more time it takes to go through these early states.

But does this mean there is no answer?

Actually there are many ways to not only reduce your stress, but many simple ways to improve how your body and mind processes stress. That way even in the hectic fast paced, stressful lives we lead … you will still sleep “like a baby”.

With a simple combination of techniques, you can easily sleep well. And gain the many benefits of a good night sleep.

So if you are struggling to get to sleep, stay asleep or wake unrefreshed then I can help. Simply give the Clinic a call and we can speak or arrange a time for a consultation.

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