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Category Archives: Monthly Tips

Are You Sleeping OK?

If you answer this simple question with a … No. Sometimes. Depends on my stress load. Or anything else but a resounding “sure do”, then your health is no where near as good as it can be. Sleep is essential for good health. Not just mental health, but your physical well being also. When we Continue Reading

After a lovely winter, an early spring and plenty of sunshine, one of the activities many people love to do is garden. The weeds have grown faster than grease lightning, the ground is still heavy from what rain we’ve had, and we hit the garden with gusto. Then you wake up the next day being Continue Reading

August’s Tip of The Month

Do you sleep well? Do you wake in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day with energy and vitality? Many people suffer poor sleep for a variety of reasons, and a lack of sleep can affect you in many ways. It’s not just the tiredness, but the lowered resistance to illness, the Continue Reading

Breathing Away Stress…

Life is hectic and stressful for most … from work, home and life in general, people are now living in a stressful time. As you carry stress, it can affect your energy levels, sleep patterns, general and even structural health. You can simply reduce some of this stress by breathing better. Try this … Cross Continue Reading

As Spring kicks into full swing, we tend to be outside more … running around, heading to the beach, kicking a ball around in the sunshine. We also start wearing jandals and bare feet… the problem is our feet have been tucked inside our shoes for the winter months. They become restricted and hence their Continue Reading