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Do You Have an Over or Under Active Thyroid?

When hormonal imbalances occur, most people are trying to determine if they have an overactive or underactive thyroid, which is one of the main reasons why these conditions develop.

Yet when you look at the symptoms that can occur in your day to day life, the picture doesn’t quite fit…

You may be feeling fatigues, yet have restless sleep – fatigue is a sign of an underactive thyroid, whereas unsettled restless sleep is a common sign of an overactive thyroid.

You may also suffer hot flushes, yet are putting on weight or struggling to lose it.

So What Do You Have?

hormonal imbalance symptoms

Hormonal Imbalance – symptoms of over AND under activity

An over or under active thyroid? The reality is you can have both. Your hormonal system is a system that works in balance and has fluctuations. You have times in the month when the system increases in activity, and other times where it slows in activity. This is why you have a “cycle”. In the early stages of imbalance you can have greater fluctuations so that you can have symptoms of both an over and under active system.

It is only when this imbalance remains too long, or the underlying issues increase that you can then develop an actual hormonal situation where you have an over OR under active thyroid. When this occurs then you need to either use medication or supplements to drive the thyroid to work at the level you desire.

Therefore the best time to act is before this condition develops. If you take action when the imbalance has become apparent, when you have minor symptoms that may be annoying you but indicate imbalance rather than an actual condition, then you can restore balance quickly.

Many women put up with hot flushes, poor sleep, fatigue, metabolism issues along with many other hormonal imbalances from period pain to PMT, when they are easily changed.

Your hormonal system governs literally the entire body in some form or fashion. From heart rate to energy levels, anti-inflammatory to even constipation, it is a system that is constantly working and with today’s world challenged often. If you live in Christchurch, New Zealand, then from 2010 to even now in 2013 the earthquakes have caused a lot of imbalance to your hormonal system.

Christchurch Earthquakes and Hormonal Imbalance

christchurch hormonal imbalance

Christchurch Earthquakes Create Hormonal Imbalances

The fright flight mechanisms were there to protect you in times of danger … when the occasional lion would jump from a bush and chase you  once every decade or two.

But with earthquakes and all the stresses they encompass, this mechanism has been firing almost every day, and with time this drives the imbalances to develop – in women and men. Look around you and you will see women going through early menopause, men struggling to feel enthused or energetic, there’s more stress and fatigue issues now than ever before…

The earthquakes and how they affect your hormonal system is a common factor, not the only one but a common one in Christchurch today.

So What Can You Do?

Before you jump into grabbing supplements or looking at medication, if you know you are “out of balance” rather than having a defined hormonal condition, you can still restore balance easily with a combination of acupressure and homeopathy. The hormonal system is a programmable system, which is why you need to stimulate it to re-balance and then reinforce the balance so that it remains.

This is why we teach you techniques to use at home, that way you can keep the balance, monitor your progress and save a lot of time and money having treatment. You will still need a few treatments to kick start the hormonal system, but our goal is always to teach you ways to maintain good health at home, in your time easily and quickly.

Health is easy to attain, simpler to maintain when you have a few simple tools to use yourself at home. So feel free to call the clinic on 3840160 to speak with me so we can discuss how I can help you return your hormonal system to a balanced state.

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