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Category Archives: Structural Issues

A Simple Stretch To Use

I get asked often if there is a simple stretch you can use that helps take tension from the spine. Although there may be some specific muscles you may need to target there is a stretch that limbers the entire spine. Simple to do and only takes a few minutes. All you do is stand Continue Reading

Gait Reflexes are used to help back pain by many Applied Kinesiology practitioners. However, they are far more beneficial than just for pain relief. If you are one of my clients you may remember these reflexes, as they are when I rub certain points on your feet… For some these may be very tender, as Continue Reading

Most people when they suffer with any type of back pain, always look to the spine as the source of pain. In fact most pain is the accumulation of many micro-traumas over time. This means the day to day life you lead places stress and strain on your muscles and joints, over time this leads Continue Reading

Most back pain relief is plain boring. You have your joints adjusted by a Chiropractor, some muscles worked on by a Physio, some pills for pain relief from your GP. At times this helps but as statistics points out, for most people pain will return, and as you age it will happen more often … Continue Reading