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Weird and Wonderful Back Pain Relief

Most back pain relief is plain boring. You have your joints adjusted by a Chiropractor, some muscles worked on by a Physio, some pills for pain relief from your GP. At times this helps but as statistics points out, for most people pain will return, and as you age it will happen more often … and more severely.

To get lasting back pain relief you need to look at some weird and wonderful techniques. Why?

Your spine is not just nuts and bolts … in other words you are more than just a few muscles and joints. Back pain involves many other systems and not just the musculo-skeletal.


The Definition of Insanity

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

The same rules apply to sorting out your back issues. If all you do is the same technique, pain eases, but returns then it is insanity. It is also not your fault.

The reason I use various techniques inside the clinic is to make sure all aspects of your issues are sorted. Back pain can relate to various reflexes, it can also relate to your digestive system, stress levels, fatigue and many other areas.

Did you know there are certain reflexes that keep you moving in a coordinated way?gait reflexes for back pain relief

These Gait reflexes if turned off can allow your body to twist and distort and lead to back pain. If you do not address these reflexes, pain may ease with some muscle and joint work, but it will return as soon as you start your daily tasks once more.

Every time you have back pain, it is a unique situation. You need to make sure that your entire system is functioning well. Do this the first time though and rather than suffering with ongoing back issues, you can stay pain free.

Our goal in the clinic is to remove ALL the causes of your pain. Not just fix a few muscles and joints, but to make sure your reflexes are balanced. That your health is functioning at a good level and you know some simple techniques to use at home … so you can help in the process of your recovery.

I admit we use some weird and wonderful back pain relief techniques, but they work and they are designed to keep you pain free long term. So feel free to email me or even give the office a call on (03) 3840-160 to arrange an appointment so we can get you pain free and healthy.

15 Comments to “Weird and Wonderful Back Pain Relief”

  1. Juan says:

    Background info: I’m 23 years old female. I injuerd my back about 7 or 8 years ago, I got whiplash from a bucking horse. They think I tore muscles and ligaments in my lower back, nothing was broken for the X-rays. I did physical therapy (PT) for it for about 6 months. About 3 weeks ago I found out that my left leg is about 3 cm longer than my right and could be causing some of my back pain. Oh and I have consent lower back pain. About 1 year ago in March I was diagnosed with lateral tracking of the patella on my right knee. I did 6 months of PT for it and I’m back in PT for it and have been doing it for a month and half. I got an MRI and it was clean, nothing torn or broken. The surgeon says I definitely have knee pain but the cause of it is unknown and surgery right now is not a option. I can’t run, go up or down stairs with out pain, sitting or standing for a long time hurts, driving hurts sometimes, I cant put all or some of my weight on it. I get a burning pain in the inside of knee, it makes a popping feeling, and on the top outer ledge of it. I’m going to go see an orthopedic spine surgeon this week, but this would be doctor number 4 that I have seen for my knee. I really just want to run again and have someone tell me that they know why I’m in so much pain. I can deal with the back pain b/c that never stopped me from running, riding, or got in the way of my life but my knee has. So if anyone can give me clues or help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone knows of a Dr. House for knees please let me know!

    • admin says:

      Hi Juan

      Firstly the 3cm leg difference is a functional change not an anatomical one. Trying to alter that will end up causing more problems. The leg difference occurs as your pelvis twists which will also relate to the ongoing back and knee issues.

      If you balance your pelvis, the spine will align and your knees will point normally and hence the tracking issues will stop. The entire structural system is connected and needs to be treated the same way.

      Surgery is definitely a last resort and your issues are not needing it, you just need to use a practitioner that covers the entire system in their approach, not just looking at your knee, or just your low back.

      If you lived close by I could help and teach you some simple things to do at home to help realign and build strength back into the areas. If you wish take a look at http://www.back-pain-advisor.com as there is a good program there where you can treat yourself and remove your pain easily.

      Feel free to contact me through our “Ask The Doctor” page too.
      Talk soon
      Dr Graeme Teague

      • Yessenia says:

        If I were you I would call your doctor tmoorrow morning and explain to him/her that you are going through to much discomfort and that you demand on being induced.If pills are not working, and you can sleep that is not good for you or your unborn child.(that cant be good because you need all the rest you can get right now before you go into labor)This last week will be very hard but it will go by fast(if he doesn’t want to induce you) Which I think is a bit strange, you are now past forty weeks, I don’t see why he/she wouldn’t.Sorry I could help much, but I do remember having those feelings.Good luck to you and your new bundle of joy.

    • Volimte says:

      I took plan b after an incident. 5 days after that i had a bnedeilg like for 2 days. its beek a week after the bnedeilg and i am experiencing lower back pain. Yesterday my breast were sore but today they were not at all and they didnt hurt. I took a blood pregnancy test 10 days after i ovulated and it came negative. I dont know what is wrong with me. can i still be pregnant? or it is just stress or am i making the symptoms up. my period is not due like for a week so i have to wait. but i dont know whats wrong. did plan b mess my hormones . please help. tell me your experiences.

  2. Thank you for posting this thought-provoking post. As we all know, many people have staunch opinions, however, I have always maintained an open mind. Changes each week require that mindset. When I have the time, I might return to read more of your writing. How often do you write your pages so I can return to your website? I do believe that we may share many similar viewpoints.

    • Ernesto says:

      Being in a car accident is a sure way to end up with back pain. Te arrtiihts was probably already there, that would no be caused by the car accident and show up so quickly. Arthritis is a slow progressive problem, and it hits most people, you haven’t said how old you are so I can’t tell if it’s due to age at this point. But, MRI’s see just so much, esecially in the back, they can miss so much, believe me. I hate having one taken of my back, which is done just about yearly and they see a little change, but not much and my back is so bad I can’t walk, sit or lie down witout pain. My pain is from an auto-immune disease and will be with me for my life.Anyway, going to a pain doctor is the best way to go, as long as you go to a good doctor, not one who just gives out drugs and doesn’t really care about how you feel and how you are coming along. ANd without a doubt pysical therapy is a must, you don’t get better without working at it.

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