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Vibrational Health … how to achieve it

Health has become a topic that has people asking many questions, mainly about how to achieve great health long term. Why?

We are being told that we are going to live longer, and if we are going to live longer we need to be healthier so we reach the elder years still able to enjoy them. So the question is being asked … how do we become healthy.

The first step is actually understanding more about health, how we function and from that understanding you will know what it takes to be truly healthy.

Your Energy Is Not What You Think

Quantum physics is a science few people know about, and even less understand. Basically it has pointed out that we are made up of energy and nothing else.

If you break your body down you have organs, muscles, bones etc. From there you have different types of cells, break it down further and then you have all the chemical elements such as calcium, carbon and so on.

From there you get the particles and atoms and if you break these down you get to the quanta level… which are energy packages. All realities are simply created by thoughts that are “moulding and holding” that energy in place.

In other words you are made up of energy … a non-physical substance.

So to get truly healthy you need to work on these levels of energy. The vibrational level is the level that deals with … laughter is the best medicine.

Vibrational energy will help you gain health… eating right, exercising, seeking treatment and many other physicals task will not.

But …

Can You Laugh Your Way To Health

In the age or should I say new age of health, there are many people trying to improve health by working on energy fields… they say they work on your vibrational energy. Yet success is poor for most of these types of treatment. Why?

To explain I’d like to quote something famous…laughter and health

It comes from Shrek.

In the movie he says he is like an onion, to which Donkey points out that this must be due to the smell. Shrek says no it is because he has layers…

He is 100% correct.

We are made of layers. Each layer is important and there are some layers that as a practitioner I can help you improve, but there are layers I can’t change.

These layers require you to become involved in your health. And this is where many “new age” professions get it wrong in my opinion. The vibrational layer is a layer that is influenced by you only … but there are layers that need work.

Cakes Have Layers Too

Another great quote from Donkey…

There are 3 main layers in your body, that relate to your health and well being.

The first is your physicality, the muscles, joints, organ function etc.

These areas can be changed with all types of treatments, whether it is chiropractic, osteopathy, acupressure, homeopathy, nutrition and many others.

Each practitioner works with the techniques they identify with and what they find works best. The same applies with you as a patient. You need to discover which techniques work for you best.

This is why someone with a back issue can have a dozen treatments with a physiotherapist and get no relief, can see a chiropractor and within a treatment or two get full relief.

The same can happen with those who see a chiropractor with no relief, but with acupuncture see miracles.

The physical layer is still complex and needs work on more than a single area. Most professions only deal with one aspect of this layer and hence long term relief of any ailment is poor.

Physical healths is still simple to change and even more so if you combine treatments together so you can help more people, making sure all parts of this physical layer are balanced.

You need to make sure the structure is balanced, organs functioning well and your ability to physically heal is optimal. This is why in my clinic we use a variety of techniques so we can cover all the potential physical faults that can occur.

Your second layer is a little more complex and many practitioners don’t like working in these areas. This is the area of stress…

Your second layer is the stress faults. This is not how much stress you have but how you deal with stress. And this is where it gets confusing…

Most people believe this area is where you need counselling. Where you talk about your issues, so you can face your stresses with composure.

However, how you deal with stress can also be changed by working on certain reflexes within your system.

There are many reflexes that deal with stress. If you are reading this now, while Christchurch still has to deal with ongoing aftershocks from the earthquakes, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

The fright/flight mechanism is such as reflex. When you deal with quakes, you know as soon as one occurs your body goes into a mode ready to flee the building, jump under a desk or head for the doorway.

But there are many other reflexes that relate to grief, sadness, worry, anxiety, fears, frustrations and many others.

With the use of acupressure, homeopathics, flower essences and various energy techniques we can help your body and mind deal with stress better.

It also helps to break the link between the physical and emotional, so that when stresses do occur (as they always will) your body deals with them accordingly.

How many times have you had a physical stress, but have found yourself feeling tired and grumpy. Or you get stressed from work which leads you into suffering with a cold or flu, or even physical tiredness.

By working on both the physical and emotional faults within your body you can improve your health significantly…


Vibrational Health

True health occurs when all three layers are balanced. Treatment can assist you, along with learning simple self help techniques at home, with the physical and emotional faults.

The third layer is your vibrational energy.

This layer is the domain of self help, learning ways to raise your vibrational energy.

Now understanding this concept has many people asking, why don’t we just work on the vibrational area and therefore the other areas will balances from a trickle-down effect. So you raise the vibrational energy and as your vibrational energy increases, the emotional faults ease and hence your physical body functions better … perfect health.

This is the basis of many techniques such as meditation, reiki and many more.

There is a problem…

If you look at these layers as a balloon taking flight…

The physical layer is sandbags holding the balloon on the ground before flight; the emotional layer is the balloonist and his ability to fly the balloon, knowing when to add fire so that the balloon goes higher. The vibrational layer is the balloon and the gas inside the balloon itself.

To climb higher and faster if you ditch the sandbags you will climb higher, if you get the balloonist knowing when to fire those burners, the balloon with climb even higher still.

All three layers are needed for a perfect balloon flight…

Treatment is helpful for the physical and emotional layers. To help the vibrational layer, no treatment will make any significant change.

You can’t have a spinal adjustment, use an acupressure point, use any type of remedy to raise your vibrational energy.

This can only be achieved by learning ways to connect. To calm your mind, stop your thoughts and be happy.

Do this and your vibrational energy will increase, in fact it will climb higher and faster than a sky rocket.

It is the small things you do to work on your vibrational energy that will bring you ideal health. Learn to meditate simply, breathe better, enjoy life and all your surroundings, laugh more and have more fun.

But to be truly healthy you also need to remove any physical or emotional fault that is holding you down.

Health is achievable; your elder years can be filled with fun, excitement … while you are mentally and physically fit and healthy. It starts today by building your physical and emotional health while you work on raising your vibration energy.

So start today, seek treatment to remove the physical and emotional faults, work on raising your vibrational energy … and watch as your health builds each and every day…

I finish with a saying I repeat often

Day by day in EVERY way I am getting better, better and better.


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