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The Important Adrenal Glands and Back Pain

Most people when they suffer with any type of back pain, always look to the spine as the source of pain.

In fact most pain is the accumulation of many micro-traumas over time. This means the day to day life you lead places stress and strain on your muscles and joints, over time this leads to pain. This is why it is more common for people to consult with a practitioner and not know why pain started.

You performed some normal activity, woke up with pain, or it just gradually appeared.

This is the micro-traumas at work.

So why are your Adrenal Glands important?

Your Adrenals help remove inflammation, help with structural strength, stress and fatigue and many other functions. If they get depleted then they allow pains to develop, as well as fatigue and your stress levels increasing.


Christchurch and Its Earthquakes

In times of stress your Adrenals are worked hard and will deplete quickly. In 2010 Christchurch suffered an earthquake in September, this started an event that has lasted for almost 2 years and with over 12,000 quakes. We had 4 major events in that time where there was loss of life and property.

Although this is an extreme event, if you ask anyone in Christchurch how they felt, they would all say fatigue and stress were common complaints.

In any stressful event your Adrenals work hard, which means they can’t help all areas at the same time. They are limited by how much they can produce, and if you are trying to survive the quakes, then they can’t also protect your spine, keep your immune system working optimally or even keep your energy levels high.

As they deplete … back pain can occur, along with many other health issues.

This is why keeping your Adrenals healthy is ideal in times of stress … and even when stress is low.


How To Boost Your Adrenals

There are a few things you can do to help keep your Adrenals working well. Although high levels of salt are bad for your heart and circulation, if your salt levels are too low your Adrenals will struggle. So you still need salt in your diet, about 1/4 teaspoon of slat for every litre of water you drink.

There are also a few acupressure points you can stimulate and check to make sure your Adrenals are working well.

This is why I teach my patients techniques to use at home. I can not be in every place at once, so teaching you how to help yourself helps to keep you healthy and pain free.

Your Adrenals are a prime example, they need regular stimulation in times of stress. Seeking treatment to boost these will become costly. Knowing how to boost them at home means you can keep them working well and save your precious, hard earned time and money.

So look after your Adrenals, even if you are reading this well after all the quakes have stopped, our roads are smooth and we are all back in our houses. They are necessary for all of us, in times of stress and in times of non-stress.

Again, if you need help, want advice or even would like a consultation, use our “Ask the Doctor” page or feel free to call.

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    • Maus says:

      so i took plan b the 3rd of this month 2 days after having sex and i right after i took it i staetrd to have stomach pain and back pain a lot of cramping. i ended up gettin my period like 3 days earrly it was a pretty normal period and i thought after having my period it meant that i wasnt pergnant and that my symptoms would go away..is the end of the month already and i still have stomach pain a lot of back pain and nausea im really scared im only 17 and idk what to do i would really appreciated if i get some answers please..is it normal to have these symptoms???..thankyou(:TOOK 2 PREGNANCY TESTS ALREADY AND CAME OUT NEGATIVE

  2. Great Post man keep it up!

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    Great Post man keep it up!

  4. Balrog says:

    I have never had any back problems befroe but right after an auto accident I have been having persistent lower back pain. Pain that affects the way I move, how long I sit, lifting 10+ pounds, etc. I had a MRI done which showed mild arthritis inflamation, other than that MRI is normally. They are referring me to pain management b/c the pain is intense, I usually lose 1 to 3 days a week from the pain. This doesn’t seem right to me, why would I just start hurting like this? Thanks.Also, my entire lower back is tender to the touch, if someone hugs me and their fingers touch certain spots of my lower back very painful!!!

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