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The Importance of Luck In Good Health

I was told recently that I was lucky I had such good health …

After thanking him for the comment, I then decided to explain that luck has nothing to do with it, not even having good genes. It also has nothing to do with hard work, effort, courage, diligence or anything similar.

It was all to do with minimal effort and maximum gain…

It is the small things you do on a regular basis that make the biggest changes in life. if you make major changes, most times you can’t maintain them. Why?

Most big changes people make are usually less enjoyable changes … I will give up chocolate, or eat less, exercise more, stress less. The reason these are hard to change is not that these attributes are not worthwhile or even healthy aspirations. But they are too far removed from what most people do on a daily basis.

Did you know that stress is actually the difference between what is expected and what actually happens. So if you make radical major changes you are causing stress.

So causing stress to eliminate stress is like fighting for peace … opposite to what you want to achieve.

So instead of making major changes you make small changes. I will eat only 100g of chocolate a day and not 250g. I will go for a walk each night for 5 minutes, I will cut back on my eating by eating more veges and slightly less sugary foods. Small changes .. that with time you can increase so that eventually you have major gains with minimal effort.

To become healthy, all I’ve ever done is make small changes, but I make them regularly and with time i get amazing gains to my health.

Each day I meditate, I calm my mind, I exercise, I eat generally well and I stay healthy … it’s easy and you can do the same.

Food for thought.


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