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August’s Tip of The Month

Do you sleep well? Do you wake in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day with energy and vitality?

Sleeping well offers many benefits

Sleeping well offers many benefits

Many people suffer poor sleep for a variety of reasons, and a lack of sleep can affect you in many ways. It’s not just the tiredness, but the lowered resistance to illness, the poor concentration, headaches and aches and pains can develop, and so many other health complaints.

The solution is simple …

Sleep better!

Many people resort to medication (which if sleep is really bad, this may be needed), but many would like alternative solutions. There are many herbal, homeopathic and even acupressure remedies for sleep.

You can also try a few simple things before bed tonight, but a question first…

Did you know that poor sleep is mainly due to you be tired?

Think of the over tired child that just won’t go to sleep, yet you know they are very tired and need to sleep. The same can occur in adults.

Once you become tired, it becomes harder to get a good night sleep. So a simple solution is to boost your energy. A simple acupressure point to do this is on your sitting bones.

Try resting your hands on your sitting bones for 5-10 minutes in the evening, you don’t need to do this just before bed, anytime will do, and notice …

You start sleeping better each night. Simple, easy … just try it.

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