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Suffer with Back Pain?

Whether you have lower back pain, neck pain or sciatica, pain basically sucks.

You are also not alone. Over 80% of adults will suffer with back pain at some stage, in fact statistics say that right now 47% of adults are in pain.

Worrying statistics, especially as we get older, but there is also a lasting solution.

How can I help…

Painless … Effective … Fast … Back Pain Relief

Yes, pain relief should be painless, it should be fast and it should also last. Many of you reading this have most likely seen other practitioners before.

You spent your hard earned money on a dozen visits to find you only received minimal relief.

My approach to back pain is different … in many ways.

I believe in not only using treatment inside the clinic, but also teaching my clients techniques they can use at home to help speed up results. The beauty of learning techniques (that take only a few minutes to perform) is that you then have a set of skills to use if pain ever occurs again.

With a combination of techniques plus the “at home” exercises, pain eases quickly and you are in control…

A Unique Combination of Techniques

Inside the clinic I use a unique blend of techniques. It is this blend of techniques that allows me to have the most successful way to remove your pain.

I combine the following:

Painless Gentle Joint Work – I use a “pressure release” technique that causes no noise or pain from your spine. It is a way of gentling getting your joints to move but also to get the small muscles around the joint (that cause most of your pain) to ease in tension also.

Primal Reflex Release Technique – every muscle has a reflex, for example when you tap below your knee your lower legs shoots out. Every muscle has a similar reflex, there are also Startle and Withdrawl reflexes that protect your body. By stimulating these reflexes I am able to relax muscles most times within minutes. From this technique alone I expect clients to be 50% better before they leave the clinic.

Spinal Kinesiology – this also incorporates reflexes relating to both how you move and muscle nerve and blood supply. If the energy supply to muscles is improved, muscles will not tire as they usually do causing tightness and pain.

Acupressure – a technique that helps relieve tension, stimulate various systems, ease pain and boost your overall health and well being. This is one of the techniques I teach clients to use at home.

Homeopathy – natural remedies that help to improve your healing response. I use a unique group of remedies that are the moist effective ways to help ease pain quickly but also work to prevent recurrences of pain.

This unique blend of techniques is very effective for all types of pain, but will also help to remove ALL the underlying causes of your pain … whether they are structural, general health or stress related.

I’d Like To Make An Appointment Please

If you’d like me to help you become pain free. If the blend of techniques above and my approach seems a best fit for you then please call the clinic to arrange an appointment time.

Just Call – (03) 384-0160
(please note: if you receive an answerphone message, please leave your name and number and I will contact you as soon as possible)

And  …

I know you may have many questions, your health is important and the decision on who to consult is just as important. Below are just some of the questions you may have, which will hopefully help you make the best decision for you …


What Causes My Pain?

How Long Before I See Results?

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Will Pain Ever Come Back?

How Can I Prevent Back Pain From Occurring?

How Much Will This Cost Me?

and here are the answers …
What Causes My Pain

All back pain is caused by a few different issues. There are joint and muscle imbalances, inflammation, and trigger points.

However these are the factors that create your pain. The underlying causes can be different.

Many people consult with me with no apparent cause of their pain. In fact even research says that the “trauma” people say caused their pain, is never enough to cause any pain at all. It concluded that ALL pain is the result of many small traumas over a long period of time.

These include gardening, lifting, any prolonged postures placing strain on your spine, stress, general health issues plus any falls, bumps or scrapes you have.

This is why many back pain approaches fail to create a lasting result. If all you ever do is adjust a joint, or work on the muscles or any single technique … you may miss over 60% of the causes.

Hence pain either fails to disappear quickly or ever at all, or it repeats without reason.

The unique blend of techniques that I use helps me to cover ALL the bases, to make sure ALL the causes are eliminated and you have the set of skills to help in the process.


If back pain has become chronic, you MUST form new habits and then reinforce them to make lasting change. This is why it is ESSENTIAL to not only use treatment inside the clinic but to also teach clients techniques to use at home.

It takes 31 days for your body to form a habit, it takes a full 12 months for that habit to become permanent.

I do not work 31 days in a row, so I cannot use treatment alone to change the poor habits your body has formed. By teaching you techniques to use at home, YOU are able to break those habits, form new improved habits and reinforce them.

It only takes a few minutes each day initially and long term a few minutes each month to maintain a healthy spine.
How Long Before I See Results?

I expect clients to leave the clinic on their first visit feeling better. Most clients will leave feeling at least 50% better or more.

If pain is more chronic it may take a day or two to see good changes, but by using the combination of techniques, results are fast and lasting.

Results are improved by you following the advice and techniques I teach you. A few minutes of acupressure, a few reflexes to use at home, taking a homeopathic remedy and just good advice can make the world of difference.

But I expect change to happen quickly and so should you. You shouldn’t have to wait days or weeks to see minimal change.
How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Every case is unique, saying that, because I teach you techniques to use at home, the amount of treatment you need is usually dramatically less than the standard approach to back pain.

Most clients will have their initial consultation, followed by another treatment with that week. This is to make sure the spine is responding as it should.

The following week you will need 1-2 treatments depending on the severity of your pain. Then as I am trying to change habits, you will need a weekly treatment twice and then a fortnightly treatment twice.

It takes 31 days to form a habit and these treatments are designed to make sure the bad habits are erased and new habits internally have formed.

From there you are encouraged to follow our maintenance program where a treatment monthly is needed initially and then long term every 2-6 months depending on your age, stresses, and desire to stay healthy.
Will Pain Ever Come Back?

I would love to say never, but the reality is different.

Your back pain is just like a cut. It heals and then never reappears. Cuts never reopen in 6 months do they. The same with back pain.

As long as the underlying issues are addressed back pain will not repeat.

However …

New incidents will occur, you will lift objects repeatedly that are too heavy, you will get stressed at work and sit too long at your desk, you will spend all day gardening and then do it again tomorrow also …

These types of incidents will cause back pain.

But by following a maintenance care program, by using the techniques I teach you at home, by reducing some of your stresses (I’ll show you some simple ways to do this)  … these incidents should be rare and you should be able to correct this pain yourself at home.

PLEASE REMEMBER: the after hours service I provide is free of charge. A phone call, text, or email is an easy way to instruct you on what to do to help ease pain quickly. This service is 100% free and available to ALL my clients now and forever.
How Can I Prevent Back Pain From Occurring?

This is simple …

A regular treatment to maintain your health and well being, where I can assess and treat your spine and overall health will help to keep you not only pain free, but also healthy and full of energy.

The techniques I teach you to use at home also help to make sure that EVERY year your health improves.

Health is like a fitness, if you give it some attention on a regular basis your health will always get better.

If you only ever wait until pain occurs before you seek help or use ways to boost your health, then all you ever do is patch the problem and with time (and age) the issues become harder to fix and may become to the point where you live a life of pain.

Prevention is easier than cure … maintenance is prevention!
How Much Will This Cost Me?

The Clinic fee schedule is listed on the site in the menu bar on top of this page. To put it briefly the Clinic fees are:

Initial Consultation: this lasts 30-45 minutes – $140

Follow-up Treatments: These are 15-20 minutes – $70

With the approach and blend of techniques I use, plus your “at-home” techniques, the number of treatments you require is substantially less than the standard approach to back pain. Please read the FAQ on the number of treatments you’ll need to understand why.

Still Not Sure?

As I tell all my clients …

I only accept those clients who I honestly believe I can help. I do understand your skepticism, many of you have tried treatments from practitioners and found that you had little success.

If you’d like to find out if I can help, then I am only a phone call away. Simply call me and I will give you 5 minutes on the phone free of charge to answer any of your questions.

Your decision on who to consult with is important, your health is important and the I want you to make the best decision for you.

So please feel free to call me on (03) 384-0160 to speak with me. If you reach my answerphone, simply leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I can.

I wish you well and I hope you are pain free soon, so you can enjoy your life, sport and family again.