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How We Can Help

My philosophy on natural health care is somewhat different to most. I honestly believe that you can heal yourself…

Sure most people need a helping hand to start with, but long term, you can do most if not all the work.

It is from this approach that I have built my busy practice. I use a combination of techniques to help boost your body no matter what ailment you have. I also teach you simple techniques to use at home, so you can be part of the healing process.

These techniques are very easy, take only a few minutes of time, and best of all give you the tools to use now to help recover quickly but also maintain good health.

It is the small things you do on a regular basis that make the biggest changes.


How Can We Help?

Everyone who enters my clinic, whether you come in for a sore back, an allergy, fatigue or any health issue, is assessed and treated as a unique individual. This means that even if you only have back pain, we will still assess all areas of your health.

The reason is simple …

Pain or any symptom is just like a fire alarm!natural health care doesn't need alarms

When a fire alarm is triggered in your house, it doesn’t say where the fire is … or how large it is … or even who started it.

Symptoms are exactly the same, they are your body’s way of telling you that you have become out of balance. Which is why we need to look further afield than just where your symptoms are.

Imagine the fire brigade turning up to a fire and just looking at the alarm bell, switching it of and leaving … would you feel comfortable the fire was extinguished?

Lower back pain for example is common; most people will notice it arrives after a small almost innocuous injury or even for no reason at all. The lower back may tighten from the muscles or joint locally, it can also relate to a bowel dysfunction, stress, fatigue, certain reflexes that govern how you walk and coordinate and many other issues.

So merely adjusting a joint will not necessarily remove the problem, it may give you some temporary relief … but I’m here to make sure BOTH the symptoms and the cause disappear.

When you first enter our clinic “turning off the alarm” is your priority and it is our first focus also. However we never lose sight of the fact that we need to address the causes of your heath too … or the alarm will trigger again and with time become harder to turn off.

Now is the best and easiest time to remove both your symptoms and the cause, and build life long health.


What Conditions Can We Help?

Because I use a combination of Non-Force – No Noise Adjustments, Reflex work, Acupressure, Spinal Kinesiology and Homeopathy we are able to help you no matter what ailment you have.

Our practice is open to anyone who is seeking help and I will give you my honest opinion of whether we can help or not. I only accept those who we can help!

Just some of the conditions we can help are:

Back Pain            Neck Pain            Sciatica            Headaches            Arm or Leg Pains

Arthritis            Digestive Problems            IBS            Food Allergies            Indigestion

Asthma            Hayfever            Chronic Respiratory Infections            Sinus

Period Pains & PMT            Menopause            Pregnancy Issues            Hormonal Imbalance

Fatigue            Stress & Anxiety            Sleep Problems


… and many other health concerns.

Our focus initially is on building your health via natural health care and self help techniques. Once you have a good base of health the focus changes to build your internal health.


Did you know?

Laugher is the best medicine…

What this relates to is your vibrational energy. When you laugh your vibrational energy increases, you feel better, less stressed, more energized and your body functions in a more balanced state.

When you laugh and your vibrational energy increases, stresses bounce off, you feel indestructible and every challenge seems small.laughing helps natural health care

To gain good long-term health you need to know how to boost your vibrational energy. Good diet, exercise, having our treatment will help the body at a physical and emotional level.

To target the internal energy systems of the body, you need a different approach. Treatment cannot build the vibrational energy, it can remove the impediments that stop it building naturally which is still essential.

But to increase your vibrational energy faster, you need to learn simple ways to boost it. Our focus on long-term health is to give you a regular maintenance treatment to make sure your body stays in balance … and teach you ways to keep increasing your vibrational energy.

If your vibrational energy remains higher, disease of all forms will struggle to develop. Prevention is easier than cure, as the saying goes.

To maintain good health you need to work on the physical, emotional and energetic systems of your body… and its very simple to do.

If you would like to have a holistic form of natural health care, where we encourage you to become part of the process, so that you require less treatment both initially and long term, and gain overall health and well-being, then give me a call at our clinic on (03) 384-0160