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Spinal Care in Our Clinic

Structural care is traditionally thought of as the manipulation of joints. The “click-clack” sound that comes from the joint is part of the adjustment.

Christchurch chiropractors as a whole still use these types of techniques to help joints move better. However, there are many ways to adjust a joint…

Did you know that poor joint movement is not just a joint problem. For the joint to move you have small muscles around the joint that help it to move (joints don’t move by themselves).

Therefore when you have pain, the joint itself can become “sticky” where the joint isn’t moving freely and also you can have muscle tension around the joint.

To make sure you get good movement back into the joint you must target both the joint itself and the muscles around the joint. If you only target one aspect of the poor movement the other element will recreate the poor joint movement and pain is likely to repeat.

Spinal Adjustments That Make NO Noise

Even though almost all the Structural Practitioners use the noisy “click-clack” type adjustments, in our clinic we use a technique somewhat different.

We use what is called “Pressure Release” adjustments.

For back pain relief you want to ease pain as quick as possible. You also want to cause as little trauma to the region too.

Pressure release adjustment ease the joint into movement by pressing firmly on the joint while you breathe in and out. It is a painless and noiseless process and has two main benefits:

  1. The Pressure Release adjustment gets the joint moving and the muscles around the joint to relax (most “click-clack” adjustment don’t target the muscles).
  2. Being gentle, noiseless and painless, there is no chance of you tensing up and causing a less enjoyable experience.

Chiropractic care has been used since the late 1800’s and remains the most effective form of treatment for back pain relief, neck pain relief and even sciatica relief.


However, new systems and approaches have developed over the years, which allow a more effective and comprehensive approach to your structural care. We use an ADVANCED Structural Care that is second to none.

This is why we use techniques that take your health one step further.

Our type of adjustment is painless, noiseless and highly effective at easing your pain BUT making sure the causes disappear too. This way as time passes you will have less and less structural issues.

Our goal is to help you age … and keep you fit and active as you do. Our Structural Care is there to make life better for you now … and for your future.