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Spinal Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a specialty within Chiropractic. It was developed in the 1960’s by Dr George Goodheart and is used to help diagnose and treat many health complaints.

Applied Kinesiology utilizes the 3 natural laws that govern your body, and is based on the premise that your body does have the ability to heal. But…

Sometimes it needs a helping hand to return to a balanced state.


What is Spinal Kinesiology

It is based on muscle testing, where the practitioner tests the “strength” of a muscle. This muscle is used as an indicator, meaning a type of yes-no answer system.kinesiology - muscle testing

This yes-no indication allows the practitioner to challenge certain areas of your body to determine if an area or function is balanced. Although a highly effective diagnostic tool, the practitioner does not solely rely on this to determine your health needs.

The technique is based on what is called a Triad of Health – where your body has a chemical, structural and emotional balance. If one or more of these elements becomes out of balance, your entire health is affected.

This is why we use a variety of techniques to help your body return to.  A return to a balanced healthy state requires all areas to improve.

Relying on just adjustments to the spine will not create this balance. This is why muscle testing is used, to target all areas of the triad of health, detect which are out of balance, and then treatment (plus self help techniques at home) so that balance is attained quickly and lasts.


A Balanced Approach to Health

Many clients arrive in our clinic suffering with back pain, or many other structural issues.  But no matter what ailment you have, our approach is to assess your entire system to make sure pain eases quickly but health also improves.

Your structural system is ONLY a part of the triad of health, so we need to look outside the spinal system to make sure you heal perfectly.

Did you know that the function of your bowel could also cause back pain, as can your feet and other functions in your body?

Our assessment with the muscle testing means we can check the various general health and emotional health areas that may also be involved. It may sound complex but with the use of the techniques we incorporate, it is both quick and simple to test and assess.

Through Spinal kinesiology we can assess each area to make sure ALL the causes have been eliminated, making sure there is balance in all areas of your health.applied kinesiology triad of health

The more common used are nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, cranial work and chiropractic.

In my clinic we use Homeopathy, Acupressure and Spinal Kinesiology, including cranial work. We also use reflex therapy, as there are many reflexes that if not switched on will allow various ailments to develop.

(Read more about the above therapies to understand them more, by clicking on their links)


What Are the Benefits of Spinal Kinesiology

As we use the technique to assess all areas of health, the benefits are numerous.

Although I am a trained Chiropractor, I use muscle testing so that I can help people no matter what complaint they arrive with. Our practice is evenly split with people seeking help for both structural and non-structural conditions.

With our unique blend of techniques we have helped many people suffering with:

Aches and Pains



Digestive Issues

Hormonal Imbalances (including menopausal problems and pregnancy troubles)

Asthma and Hayfever

Fatigue and

Stress Related Issues.


Can I say we can help everyone?

No. We only accept clients who we honestly believe we can help. This is also why you may contact me free of charge to ask any question relating to your health. I will endeavor to return your email within 24 hours.

So if you have a question, want to find out if I can help with your personal situation, then fill in our form on our “Ask the Doctor” page in the links above this page.

Otherwise feel free to phone our clinic on (03) 384-0160 to arrange a consultation. Applied Kinesiology is a very effective technique and I’m confident we can help you return to a balanced, healthy and pain free state.