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November 2012 – Monthly Tip

As Spring kicks into full swing, we tend to be outside more … running around, heading to the beach, kicking a ball around in the sunshine.

We also start wearing jandals and bare feet… the problem is our feet have been tucked inside our shoes for the winter months. They become restricted and hence their ability to shock absorb decreases.

tennis ball to rub on ole of feetA simple way to help get your feet into balance is by massaging your soles of your feet by standing on a tennis ball. Any tender spots simply adjust the pressure until you can stand on the ball without discomfort.

It helps relax your feet, improve shock absorption and you feel lighter as you run, jump and play.

Try this each day after you finish work … kick off your shoes, rub them with the tennis ball and then go for a walk and feel the difference.


An Extra Tip For Spring – if you suffer with hay fever, drink more water, even a lick of salt can stop that sniffling, sneezing feeling as hay fever strikes. But there are also many natural remedies you can use to stop the spring time allergies, acupressure at home works wonders too.

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