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Nobody Went Blind Looking At The Brighter Side Of Life

This is my all time favorite saying …

It is perfectly true and you can apply it to everything. But when you are in pain, feel tired and rundown, have a cold or flu, an upset stomach or any health concern … looking at the brighter side of life isn’t easy.

Did you know there are two ways to look at life…

Positively and Negatively!

Obvious I know, but when you are positive your body and mind work better. You heal faster, you have more energy, you’re definitely happier and life seems to always work out.

When you are negative, everything goes wrong – you’re tired, grumpy, feel worse and you seem to bump into everyone that makes you feel even more miserable.

I assume you can guess what I’m about to say – stay positive!

But did you know it is impossible to stay positive all the time, even if life is a bunch of roses. In fact the best way to feel when you are facing stresses, feeling unwell or have aches and pains is to not feel at all. It’s hard to be positive when all around you things are not good. But you don’t need to think negative either.

Think of life as the tides …

The waves come in and sometimes they go out. You can get waves that crush you to the ground, you can small waves that are easy to ride. If you have an ultimate goal of being healthy, filled with energy and vitality and living a long happy life … then write it down.

Set your goal now, commit to it, then forget it and enjoy life each day. Know that you are heading towards your goal and when those big waves hit you, simply learn to ride the wave. Don’t let it pull you down, simply let it occur and stop thinking negatively.

When things are good, spend time in a positive vibrational state and you will head towards your goal even faster. But the tides will always occurs, you’ll get big and small waves, but if you learn to ride the waves, learn to avoid being negative and when you can just be positive.

Your body and mind will respond, as will your health.

Food for thought….



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