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Your First Clinic Visit

Whenever you decide to seek help from any practitioner, your first Clinic visit can seem a stressful occurrence. You are not sure what to expect and want to know if you can actually get help.

The first thing to realize is that we deal with functional health and not pathologies.

Functional health relates to how well your body functions in each area. If a functional fault occurs then you can start to feel “unwell”. This feeling can relate to a single symptom or a complex array of symptoms.

The good news is functional faults are easily corrected by stimulating various areas within your body to perform better, to reduce stress and tension and allow health to return.

My goal is to help restore you to a good level of health and with that aim in mind I use a variety of techniques to both assess and treat you and your unique situation.


Your First Cliniic Visit

On your first visit you are taken through a variety of assessment methods. We use Spinal Kinesiology and muscle testing procedures to assess each area of your health.chiropractic first visit uses muscle testing

Whether you come with aches and pains, general health concerns or some stress related issue, the assessment remains the same. Why?

As our “How We Can Help” web page outlines, symptoms are not a measure of disease. They are a signal that your body displays to let you know that you are out of balance.

The imbalances are usually minor, however there are usually many small imbalances that have built up over time.

Our assessment is to determine where these imbalances are and to outline a treatment regime to correct them. As part of our process you are taught simple techniques to use at home to help return to balance.


How Long Does It Take To Respond


Our success rate is second to none, and the reason for this is that we involve you in the process. The small amount of time and effort you put into your care will save you both time and money in the clinic.

With the unique combination of techniques we use, relief occurs for almost all our clients. Saying that, it does depend on the level of your health, the type of problem you present with and also how much stress and strain you are under.

But with the techniques we use and the processes we follow, along with the self-help techniques you are shown, relief occurs quickly for most.


How Many Treatments Do I Need?

This varies from individual to individual and also relates to the various imbalances you have. Most people require 4-8 treatments over a two-month period of time to return you to balance.

This initial phase of treatment is designed to get you to a level of health so that the symptoms you present with have eased if not totally disappeared and your overall health is steadily building.

Please remember:

Health is an ongoing process, just like a fitness regime. The treatment you receive plus the self-help exercises are there to continually build health.

The ongoing maintenance care is there to make sure each and every area of your health is assessed and improved. In fact the maintenance care is the most essential part of your care as it is there to make sure you remain well.

A treatment every 2-6 months depending on the level of your health, your age and the stresses around you determines how often you need care to make sure you continually improve.applied kinesiology helps you age well

Our goal is to help you gain health every year, to look forward to your elder years being pain free, healthy and full of energy and vitality. This is why we use the techniques we use and recommend and ongoing health maintenance program.

If you’d like to improve your health and well-being, would like a unique approach to your health, like to learn simple ways YOU can be involved in your health and its improvement, then feel free to give me a call on (03) 384-0160 to arrange a consultation time