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Menopause – Are Hot Flushes Driving You Crazy

Every woman at some time will go through menopause, and most suffer with hot flushes, fatigue, poor sleep and irritability. It affects you personally but also those close to you.

Yet many women prefer not to use medication to help, and want a natural menopause treatment to make life easier … and to turn the thermostat back to normal.

Read on to discover why these symptoms occur, why they shouldn’t happen and how we can help.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is a time in your life where your body decides … you no longer can have a child. That’s it…

It is a normal hormonal change in life, which should cause no symptoms at all. So why do so many women suffer with a variety of symptoms? And more to the point, why do so many women put up with symptoms that can be easily fixed?

To understand why, you need to first understand more about your hormonal system and what is actually “normal” and what isn’t.

menopause and hormonal system

Hormonal system is controls almost every cell in the body

Your hormonal system (also known as endocrine system) doesn’t just relate to your thyroid and ovaries. It is a system that encompasses any gland in your body relating to hormone production, and even organs that either control or help with hormone levels – from your Pituitary inside your brain, to the ovaries, Adrenal Glands, your Liver and other areas.

The hormonal system controls your cycle, but it also regulates your heart, blood sugars, anti-inflammatory levels, metabolism, growth and development, sleep, and moods. The system is trying to maintain balance, hence is constantly releasing hormones at different levels to control various functions in your body.

Basically the hormonal system drives your body, similarly to an engine in a car. If the car is asked to work harder, for example going up hill, the engine must work harder.

The hormonal system is the same, in times of stress (physical, health or emotional stress), your hormonal system has to work harder, releasing more of some hormones and less of others. This can cause swings in the cycle leading to period pain and PMT, and as you age menopausal symptoms.

Symptoms are just an alarm signal saying your hormonal system is under stress … no different to an oil light coming on in your car. It indicates your hormones are not in balance, and no longer do you have a “normal” system…

Your Normal Hormonal Cycle

“Normal” means precisely that, normality.

A normal hormonal cycle shouldn’t have large swings, causing period pains, PMT or hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms.

No different to a normal breathing cycle doesn’t cause pain as you breathe in and out.

One of the main concepts I try to teach my clients is the difference between “normal” and “common”.

It may be “common” for many women to have hormonal imbalances and the symptoms caused by it, but it isn’t “normal”. A normal hormonal system creates no symptoms as it is balanced and functioning correctly.

If it was “normal” to suffer hot flushes, irritability, fatigue, period pain or PMT, then all those women who have 28 day cycle, without pain, who go through menopause without any hot flushes, unsettled sleep or fatigue are therefore … “abnormal”.

Which they aren’t. They just have a hormonal system that is balanced and functioning correctly.

What Can You Do To Balance Your Hormonal System

The reason why your system has become out of balance isn’t important. In fact, there is no way to work out why.

For most it was never one incident, but many minor situations that challenged you hormonally, and with time a hormonal imbalance developed.

You will read on our site about the 3 Natural Laws your body and mind are governed by. Basically once a fault develops, it becomes a habit.

To restore balance you must therefore form new improved habits. Just aiming at removing a few symptoms will not make any lasting change.

homeopathy bottle in our clinicThis is why in our Christchurch clinic we take a unique approach to health. We use treatment combining Acupressure, Reflexes, Homeopathy and Flower Remedies to stimulate change within your system. This helps to reset your hormonal system back to the level of function it should be at.

We can assess, treat and train your entire hormonal system to return to balance…


If we stop there, it is likely to return to imbalance due to the habits that have formed over time. These habits are not what you eat, or exercise or anything you do externally. These are internal functional habits. The way your body has been accustomed to functioning … in other words out of balance.

So to change these habits, we need to teach you techniques and give you remedies to take at home, to keep stimulating the hormonal system to function normally. Acupressure and Homeopathy literally train your system to work correctly once more.

Medications, and even herbs, have medicinal effects only. So they do little if anything at all to change the function of your system. Which is why when people stop using these, symptoms return.

And if you don’t deal with the underlying cause, with time hot flushes may disappear … but the imbalance is still present which can lead to blood pressure issues, ongoing sleep issues, fatigue and many other symptoms.

Many times you are told that these are just due to your age … when in fact they are just another signal your hormonal system is still out of balance.

What Should You Do Now?

If you want to restore balance to your hormonal system, would like to find a hot flushes cure, boost your energy and sleep better, then you can simply learn how to train your system to return to a balanced state.

Our approach is unique with its combination of techniques and with the concept that teaching our clients self help techniques at home …

This means less treatment, less cost and quicker results. You are part of the treatment process and can watch as your body restores balance and life becomes enjoyable once more … without hot flushes, fatigue, poor sleep and other menopause issues.

So feel free to call the clinic on (03) 3840160 or email me via our contact us web page, to see how we can help you balance your hormonal system. We are located in Mt Pleasant Christchurch, and are here to help.