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Clinic Fee Schedule

The Clinic strives to offer you the best care possible, whether you initially consult me with back or neck pain, headaches, hormonal issues, fatigue or any health complaint.

The first session you have is extensive, in that you are assessed from head to foot, checking various reflexes relating to the muscular system, a spinal assessment, and an acupressure and homeopathic analysis.

In this session you also receive treatment plus are given exercises to use at home. The “at home” exercises include acupressure techniques, reflexes and at times a homeopathic remedy specifically selected for your condition. These “at home” exercises are easy to perform and can be done while watching TV or simply relaxing, they only take a few minutes.

The concept of the clinic, is that by teaching you ways to help improve your health and well being, you need less treatment inside the clinic. This saves you both time and money…

The first session can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

Each subsequent session takes between 15-20 minutes, where again you receive treatment plus “at home” exercises.

Costs of treatment are as follows:

Initial Consultation: (30-45 mins) $140

Follow-up Consultation: (15-20 mins) $70

Students  – Initial Consultation $100 ; Follow-up $55


One of the common questions you may be asking is …

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

I know this is difficult to answer, as everyone who consults with me has their own unique situation. However the following is a guide as to what to expect:

Back Pain, Headaches – 3-4 treatments over a 2 week period, then weekly twice, then fortnightly twice. From there a schedule is discussed to allow you to continually improve and maintain a healthy spine. PLEASE NOTE: This is a maximum amount of treatment.

Hormonal, Menopause – a weekly treatment for 4 weeks, then 2 fortnightly treatments.  A monthly treatment is then recommended for a few months to make sure the hormonal system remains balanced. Remember, the hormonal system is habitual, hence we need to introduce new habits and then reinforce them for the system to change long term.

Digestion, Allergies, Fatigue, Sleep, General Health – 3-4 treatments over a month, then 2 fortnightly treatments, finally monthly until health has settled into a good habit.

Treatment is an individual thing, the above routines are common, but your specific situation may vary from these.

How Quickly Should I Respond?

Another common question, which again depends on your age, stage in life, how long your condition has been present and a few other factors.

Saying that, I am a hard task master, I expect my clients to respond quickly. The reason why I use a combination of reflexes, acupressure, homeopathy, Spinal Kinesiology and gentle No-Force Structural techniques is, that it allows me to have greater and faster results.

Most clients who arrive in pain will leave feeling 50% better.

For those with general health complaints, I always expect changes to occur within days to a week or two (depending on the condition).

Results are increased however by following the instructions and techniques I give you to use at home. Doing these especially in the initial stages will speed up your recovery and healing response times.

Which leads to a final question …

Does Treatment Last?

Simple answer … yes.

Again, as long as you follow the advice I give you then no matter what condition you present with, it should disappear and not return. To help guarantee this, I do recommend a long term health maintenance care program.

Think of your health as an investment!

A maintenance treatment every 2-6 months (depending on your age, condition, stresses etc), following some simple techniques at home that take only a few minutes (and not every day long term), means your health will continually improve … now and as you get older.

But if you have any questions regarding your care, if you’d just like to talk with me to even clarify any aspect of the clinic, then please feel free to contact me.

Either call the clinic on (03) 3840160, or use our “Ask The Doctor” web page in the menu bar at the top of this page, and I will answer your questions.

Remember …

I’m here to help you as much as I can. I only accept clients who I honestly believe I can help. Your health is your most important asset, it is important to you and those who care about you, hence the decision on who to consult with is important.

So please feel free to contact me before you decide whether my brand of health care is for you.

Talk soon

Graeme Teague