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Children’s Health Care

We see many children in our clinic and children’s health care is essential. Health is important at all ages and we can help from the time of pregnancy and through those formative years.

Children can have an array of health complaints from colic, sleep problems and infections as babies to learning difficulties, behavioural problems and numerous physical complaints as they age.

Your child’s health is important, for both the child and the family as a whole.

Our philosophy is that if one member of your family is a patient, then the whole family is a patient. As we teach you techniques to use at home, you are able to use the same techniques on all family members.

Our after hours service is always free and I would prefer a phone call or email in a weekend or holiday, where I can tell you some simple techniques or remedies to use, so that you can ease certain issues at home.

Health is a right not a privilege!

I believe in helping all members of your family so that your family as a whole is healthier physically, emotionally and energetically.


Children’s Health Care

Children can have the same health issues as adults. However being young and impressionable they are also easier and quicker to treat.

They require less treatment and generally respond faster than adults.children's health care is family health care

Saying that, children are also influenced by their parent’s state of health – physically and mentally. At times it may be necessary for the parent to receive treatment also.

Just think of the many times as a apparent, you have finished a hard working week and all you want is a peaceful weekend where your children are happy, quiet and allow you to relax.


You find that this is the weekend where the children are tired, grumpy, unsettled and more likely to give you little rest or peace.

Children pick up on their parent’s stresses, more so when they are younger in age. If a child is unwell, most times it is also because one or both of the parents are also tired, rundown and unwell too.

This is why children’s health care is family health care…

If you have a child that is unwell, sleeping poorly, tired, colicky, suffering with allergies or infections, or just needs a good boost to get them on the right track, then feel free to call to see how we can help.

We also have reduced children’s fees to make care easier. Just call me on (03) 384-0160 to discuss