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Finally A Fast, Effective Way To Become
Free of Chronic Back Pain
That Only Takes Minutes!


Chronic back pain will never disappear following the standard approach to back pain … fact!


Once pain is chronic, there is more than one issue causing your pain. Sure you still have the tight muscles, the joint problems, possibly some inflammation and trigger points …

But the one factor that beats them all, hands down, as the underlying cause has nothing to do with anything structural.

The MAJOR CAUSE of chronic back pain is … habit!

Once pain is chronic, your body believes this pain to be normal. Your every day life has pain in it.

Don’t worry though, there’s good news and an easy way to fix this…

Before I tell you how, first it is best to introduce myself.

Who Am I

I’m Dr Graeme Teague, a Spinal Kinesiologist who has been in practice in Christchurch since 1991. Over these years I have seen many clients with chronic back and neck pain.

I’d love to say I helped them all … but that wouldn’t be true.

In fact in my early years, I was no different to most other Chiropractic practitioners in Christchurch. I used the standard approach to treating chronic conditions.

Treatment on a regular basis and over a long period of time.

However this caused a few problems … it was very expensive for my clients, and for most clients once treatment stopped pain would return.


Unless you change the habits that have formed, if that underlying cause remains, pain will return.

Habits have nothing to do with your lifestyle, food choices, posture or anything you do in the day.

Habits are the internal habits that your body has formed. Anything you do on a consistent basis becomes a habit, no different to learning to ride a bike, learning a language, fitness etc.

Pain and its cause is no different. To understand more on habits, it’s best to know this …

It Takes 31 Days To Form A Habit

Yes, it takes 31 days to form a habit. It takes a full year for that habit to become permanent.

So once pain is present, if after 31 days that pain is still there, your body has accepted this as your normal state of being. After a year, this is ingrained even further.

Does this mean that once pain is chronic it will never leave?


It just means you have to introduce new habits, reinforce them until they become the new “normal” long term habit.

This type of approach is simple, effective and long lasting. Best of all your chronic back pain will disappear and not return.

How is this achieved?

That was the good news I mentioned above. Over the years I have developed an approach to back pain that allows me to not only treat clients in my clinic (introduce the new habits), but I also teach my clients techniques to use at home (reinforce the habits).

These are not some long arduous exercise routine, you don’t need to spend hours each day trying to fix your pain … just a few minutes each day. What I combine is …

A Unique Combination of Techniques to Fix Chronic Back Pain

All back pain is caused by a variety of factors … and not all are structural either.

Physically you have the tight and weak muscles, joint imbalances, inflammation and trigger points.

You can also have general health issues, fatigue and even stress as part of the cause. When you become stressed and tired for example, muscles will tighten, muscle .

Sure you can work on the muscles to ease tension, but unless you learn some simple ways to stop the stress affecting your muscles AND techniques to help prevent stress in general … pain will remain.

So to correct all of these issues you need to use more than one technique. All the techniques are natural, highly effective and quick to see results.

Painless Gentle Joint Work – I use a “pressure release” technique that causes no noise or pain from your spine. It is a way of gentling getting your joints to move but also to get the small muscles around the joint (that cause most of your pain) to ease in tension also.

Primal Reflex Release Technique – every muscle has a reflex, for example when you tap below your knee your lower legs shoots out. Every muscle has a similar reflex, there are also Startle and Withdrawl reflexes that protect your body. By stimulating these reflexes I am able to relax muscles most times within minutes. From this technique alone I expect clients to be 50% better before they leave the clinic.

Spinal Kinesiology – this also incorporates reflexes relating to both how you move and muscle nerve and blood supply. If the energy supply to muscles is improved, muscles will not tire as they usually do causing tightness and pain.

Acupressure – a technique that helps relieve tension, stimulate various systems, ease pain and boost your overall health and well being. This is one of the techniques I teach clients to use at home.

Homeopathy – natural remedies that help to improve your healing response. I use a unique group of remedies that are the moist effective ways to help ease pain quickly but also work to prevent recurrences of pain.

This unique blend of techniques is very effective for all types of pain, but will also help to remove ALL the underlying causes of your pain … whether they are structural, general health or stress related.

You will receive:
bluetickFast Pain Relief  – I expect clients to leave even on the first visit feeling better and continually improve.

bluetickReflex Techniques To Use At Home – teaching you techniques means I need less treatments in the clinic, this saves you both your hard earned money and time.

bluetickAcupressure Exercises – simple ways to target the areas causing your pain AND that help boost your energy and vitality, so that once you are pain free you have all the energy you need to get out and enjoy life once more.

bluetickFree After Hours Service – I believe in offering my clients help at anytime, you can call, text or email me and I will offer you help and advice that you can use at home to help ease any issue that arises, free of charge always.

bluetickLasting Relief From Pain – there’s no point in removing pain if it just comes back in a month or two down the track. This unique combination of techniques allows you to continually assess and reassess how your body is doing … YOU are in control and always have me to help you wherever, whenever and however I can.
However …

This Is Not For Everyone!

If you want a practitioner who will give you treatment in their office, tell you little, show you nothing to do at home … then what I offer is not for you.

But, if you wish to have a unique form of treatment, designed specifically for you, that also teaches you some simple techniques to use at home, putting YOU in control, then just give me a call.

I only accept clients who I honestly believe I can help. I will teach you some techniques that take just minutes to use, that help break the habits your body has formed and form new improved habits so that you stay pain free.

This gives you a set of tools to use long term to help maintain your overall health and keep you pain free.

If this sounds great to you, if you’d like to take control of your back pain and finally say goodbye to a life of pain then just call me on (03) 384-0160 to see how I can help.

Still Not Sure?

As I tell all my clients …

I only accept those clients who I honestly believe I can help. I do understand your skepticism, many of you have tried treatments from practitioners and found that you had little success.

If you’d like to find out if I can help, then I am only a phone call away. Simply call me and I will give you 5 minutes on the phone free of charge to answer any of your questions.

Your decision on who to consult with is important, your health is important and the I want you to make the best decision for you.

So please feel free to call me on (03) 384-0160 to speak with me. If you reach my answerphone, simply leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I can.

I wish you well and I hope you are pain free soon, so you can enjoy your life, sport and family again.