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Breathing Away Stress…

Life is hectic and stressful for most … from work, home and life in general, people are now living in a stressful time.

stress relief with breathing

Simply breathe in and out gently for stress relief

As you carry stress, it can affect your energy levels, sleep patterns, general and even structural health.

You can simply reduce some of this stress by breathing better. Try this …

Cross your arms so that your hands are under your armpits with your thumbs resting on the chest. Breathe normally but count each cycle of breathing – breathe in and out for one count. Complete 36 cycles of breathing.

As you do your breathing will slow and deepen. Did you know that when you breathe in you breathe in energy and when you breathe out you breathe out stress.

So with a deeper, more relaxed breathing cycle you will have more energy and less stress …

Do this each day … you may lose count, sigh or have your mind wander as you follow the process … all good it is just your mind and body releasing stress.

But a simple way to breathe better and reduce stress.

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