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When hormonal imbalances occur, most people are trying to determine if they have an overactive or underactive thyroid, which is one of the main reasons why these conditions develop. Yet when you look at the symptoms that can occur in your day to day life, the picture doesn’t quite fit… You may be feeling fatigues, Continue Reading

Breathing Away Stress…

Life is hectic and stressful for most … from work, home and life in general, people are now living in a stressful time. As you carry stress, it can affect your energy levels, sleep patterns, general and even structural health. You can simply reduce some of this stress by breathing better. Try this … Cross Continue Reading

Strange title I know, but I stand by it totally. To explain… Thinking is an active exercise. You use thoughts to solve problems, work out answers to questions, plan events and to remember things. However, most of the time we have unwanted thoughts or repetitive thoughts that we don’t need. The reason why these extra Continue Reading

I was told recently that I was lucky I had such good health … After thanking him for the comment, I then decided to explain that luck has nothing to do with it, not even having good genes. It also has nothing to do with hard work, effort, courage, diligence or anything similar. It was Continue Reading

As Spring kicks into full swing, we tend to be outside more … running around, heading to the beach, kicking a ball around in the sunshine. We also start wearing jandals and bare feet… the problem is our feet have been tucked inside our shoes for the winter months. They become restricted and hence their Continue Reading